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Gerry Stack CTA

Gerry Stack CTA
Chartered Tax Advisor


Chartered Tax Adviser is Australia’s only global designation in tax. It is an internationally recognized and respected mark of technical excellence and professional integrity. Attaining this designation means joining a coveted network of thousands of Chartered Tax Advisers who are regarded for their leadership and expertise on the world stage, from the UK through to Ireland and Europe.

Until 2012, the Chartered Tax Adviser designation was held only by members of the CIOT, but it has been extended in a bid to recognize and promote the highest standards of tax advice internationally.

Exclusive to members of The Tax Institute, this initiative is the result of the signing of a licensing agreement between The Tax Institute and the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) in the UK.

As global leaders in tax, Chartered Tax Advisers are at the forefront of the Australian tax profession. They are integral to the growth of The Tax Institute and the profession at large. It is for this reason that Chartered Tax Advisers have an impeccable record of integrity and character.

As more and more nations join, the power of the Chartered Tax Adviser brand grows. Already, Institutes in a number of countries are lifting their standards to join the prestigious collective.

It is our goal to promote the designation and create a tomorrow where taxpayers, employers and peers are aware that their Chartered Tax Adviser is a global leader with the qualifications, experience and integrity to manage their tax affairs.

The Chartered Tax Adviser mark of expertise will be the most sought after tax designation in Australia, as it is in the UK, Europe and Ireland and beyond.